Hammer mills

A product that goes a long way for Ciccimarra. They are ideal for small or medium size companies that need to grind different types of cereals to produce flour for zootechnical use. They are available working by electric motor and by cardan joint.

hammer mill
hammer mill

The hammer mill “G” is suitable machine for milling any type of cereals and forage in order to produce flour for zootechnical use. Driven by power take-off of farming tractor it is equipped with an oil bath gear box. Production for hour is determined by working capacity and by material to be milled. Thanks to the particular design and to the high quality of material there is no heating of product during the milling phase.

By production:
  • n°6 sieves of different diameter ;
  • n°1 magnet;
  • n°1 pto driveshaft;
  • exhaust product tube.
technical features :
Engine rpm 540
Power (HP) 60-100
Production Kg./h:
maize 2000
barley 1200
oats 600

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