Mangle machine


The mangle model “MGT1200” is a machine properly built to mangle different pieces of polyurethane in order to make it more permeable to the air, softer and elastic at the same time. This machine works a semi-worked polyurethane piece one by one and the piece has a maximum width of mm. 1.200. The maximum dimensions of the machine are:

  • width: mm. 1.600/2.000
  • depth: mm. 3.000/3.200
  • working height: mm. 930
  • total height: mm. 1.500
  • weigth: kg. 857
Technical specifications:
  • The machine is made by a sheet iron frame.
  • superior and inferior mangle rollers with diameter of mm. 200.
  • driven by three-phase asynchronous electrical motorgear.e
  • mechanical regulation rollers
  • symbol of identification on worked piece
  • electric board

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